Your second opinion.

Do you prefer to do the recruitment yourself, but lack a thorough and competency-based decision making?

In a volatile market, it is no longer enough to know the candidate’s abilities. Facets as leadership potential, business attitudes, and cultural compatibility are also important when making the right decision in the hunt after a new employee or leader for your organisation.

Through a Second Opinion, we help companies feel secure in their recruitment. Based on your requirement profile, we allow the candidates to conduct a careful selection of tests (personality, motivation and ability tests) and then supplement these competency-based interview.

The results are collected in a report describing how the candidate matches the requirement profile you have set, as well as a prediction of how the candidate will perform in the role.

Our goal is that our client gets deep insights into the candidate’s competences and skills. At the same time, we do everything in our power to give the candidates new insights and learnings about themselves every time they leave our offices after an interview.