Positions we place.

For us it is about solving complex recruitments.

Hudson Nordic is the recruitment partner for you who need help finding the right resources for your key functions. With our network and our search process, we map and attract candidates who cannot be reached through advertising or marketing. We go straight to the skills and straight to the potential candidate.

It all starts with you.

We always begin by familiarizing ourselves with our client’s wishes, needs and challenges. One of our primary goals is to enter into excellent and long-lasting relationships with our clients to have in-depth knowledge about their business and their strategic business objectives.

Positions we place:

General Management

Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Managing Director (MD), General Managers (GM), Country Managers, Operations Manager, Head of Operations, Directors, Business Managers, Department Managers


Chief Finance Officer, Chief Financial Controller, VP Finance, Head of Accounting, Finance Managers, Chief Accountants, Controllers


Purchasing Directors/Managers, Supply Chain Directors/Managers, Logistics Manager, HSEQ Managers, Project Directors/Managers, Category Managers, Head of Customer Success, Legal Counsel.


Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Sales Director, VP Sales, Sales Managers, Head of Sales, Regional Sales Managers, Business Development Directors/Managers, Territory Sales Managers, Key Account Managers


Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Marketing Director, VP Marketing, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), VP Engineering, VP Product, Data Privacy & Compliance Directors/Managers,  Tech Leads, Project Managers, Solutions architects (Cloud/BI/Security/IAM)


Chief People Officers, Head of Talent Acquisition, VP HR, Head of HR, HR directors/managers, HR Business Partners, Compensation & Benefits Managers, Talent Acquisition Managers

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