Development Centre

Invest in the future. Let your employees reach their full potential.

A development center aims to promote individual growth and thereby uncover and reach their full potential. In a development center, we assess an individual’s strengths, skills, and development needs, which then serve as a basis for various development initiatives.

Do you need to:

  • Evaluate the competence of new employees?
  • Identify and develop high-potential employees?
  • Help leaders develop their leadership skills?

Thanks to our psychometric tests, assessments, and professional role-playing and simulation exercises, we can support you in developing your employees so that they reach their full potential.

By combining multiple evaluation methods, we gain greater knowledge about an individual’s competencies and motivations, which can predict future behavior, performance, and potential. Invest in future success!

What could be the effect of identifying high-potentials?

Scientific studies have long suggested that investing in the right people will maximize organizational profit.

In line with Pareto’s principle, these studies show that across a wide range of tasks, industries, and organizations, a small percentage of the workforce tends to drive a large percentage of organizational results, such that:

  • The top 1% accounts for 10% of organizational results
  • The top 5% accounts for 25% of organizational results
  • The top 20% accounts for 80% of organizational results

What could this mean for you?

Those commonly referred to as “high-performers” and high-performing teams can thus make significant differences to your results through their own efforts. It is also noteworthy that these individuals often serve as “multipliers” for their surroundings, lifting the performance of their colleagues, and especially their immediate manager.

How would identifying and developing a high performer affect your organization? Similarly, what would be the potential impact of losing such a valuable resource?

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