The perfect match and trustworthy interactions.

When you consider a coaching process at Hudson Nordic, we invite you in for a free and non-binding meeting with the coach that will be able to match your needs. We also call it a chemistry meeting.

Because our goals are clear: you must feel that your journey is a success – and you must believe that together we can create the change and development that you dream of. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that you and your coach have good chemistry, a strong interaction – and probably more important: that you feel safe.

Together, we form a picture of you, your challenges and your reality by looking at your goals and your company’s expectations for you. We also focus on your motivation in terms of even going into a coaching process:

What motivates you when you’re the best version of yourself? What are you struggling with? How big do you dare to dream? And how much are you willing to work with yourself — to achieve your dreams?

One size
fits none.






There is no fixed formula on a perfect coaching process. Therefore, there are no correct answers either. Because not everyone is going where you are going.

But at Hudson Nordic, we know from experience that some ingredients are crucial in any good coaching process, not least trust, and teamwork. Because you are going to pull on your training clothes yourself and do the hard work, but we are with you all the way.

If you want us to be part of the journey. Because… While hopefully, it will also be fun and a bit of a game changer for you, the journey will probably be difficult and challenging at times. One thing we can promise you. When you are finished,  you will only regret one thing: That you didn’t start a long time ago.

For us, development is not only to optimize the skills you have been successful with so far. Because what brought you here does not necessarily bring you further. That’s why we’re helping you become aware of your Executive Presence.

Neither character, substance, nor style can stand alone. All three facets help you to be a whole leader – whether you need to navigate progress or adversity. Do you have the courage to be challenged, create crucial changes in your career and get the tools to change what you need to change to get where you want to go?

The best advice is your own.


Consciousness, consciousness, consciousness…






None of us can move if we do not become aware of what might prevent us from succeeding – as well as what patterns we draw with us through our lives. Together, we increase your awareness of which triggers might prevent you from moving forward in your career or succeeding with your leadership role.

Together, we create insight into everything that will help you to work in balance with yourself and your surroundings, both on the job and privately. Because at Hudson Nordic, we believe that balance is a prerequisite for you to thrive and succeed – and at the same time help others achieve the same.

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