You know what you can do. But do you know what you are yet to learn?

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

At Hudson Nordic, we look at the interaction between people and their environment. We look at the fit and misfit and how this impacts performance and development. At Hudson Nordic, we don’t make narrow or one-sided evaluations of people’s abilities – as the famous and important quote from Albert Einstein speaks of. We always strive to be holistic and include broader perspectives to choose the right person for the right task and avoid having fish climbing trees. With our Action Learning Centres, we want to stress the importance of clarifying your team’s (hidden) potential and needs to achieve your business and organizational goals. 

Our Action Learning Centres are specifically designed to promote collaborative learning and problem-solving for your team to excel in their roles. In Action Learning Centres, we inspire and engage your team to tackle complex challenges through various tools and approaches. Our immersive and collaborative learning environment encourages your team to explore and experiment with different solutions, developing a diverse set of skills and problem-solving strategies that they can apply in the workplace.

With our Action Learning Centre, we strive to create an arena of maximum stimulation, challenge, and performance. In other words, we want to identify the best fit for each participant between their competencies and job demands, so each person can effectively use their skills and knowledge in different roles and situations. Our hands-on approach ensures that your team members are fully immersed in the learning experience, leading to better retention and application of skills.

What could be the challenge?

Our Action Learning Center can be valuable for a string of different challenges. Our experience and specializations cover a wide range of various topics related to the Individual, Group, Leadership, and Organizational level – also known as the IGLO acronym.

Challenges with realizing your strategy can have many origins. From our catalogue of experience, we know that challenges can stem from a need for a better overview and insight into hidden competencies, certainty about your pipeline of succession and how to develop your team further. Furthermore, helping your talents to play the best version of themselves on behalf of the organization has measurable and positive effects on innovation, productivity, communication, and strategy. To name a few.

The above examples are only train of thought. At Hudson Nordic, we help you become clear on your exact challenge. This challenge will form the basis of the business case for your team to solve and realize at our centre. The purpose is to ensure a pool of talents that can take your strategy to the next level making the organization sustainable for the future.

How can we support you?

Dependent on the specific challenge, we can meet a multitude of needs to support you as a client. The specific needs of the challenge will be addressed more thoroughly and become concrete when we have decided on this point of departure. However, to initiate reflection, here are some examples of different needs:

  • A need for ‘qualified qualification’: A professional partner that supports you.
  • A need for knowledge about the talent pool and hidden potential.
  • A need to develop the professional competencies of key people across all areas of the organization to solve complex challenges now and in the future.
  • A need to dress up your leaders for the strategy.
  • A need for creating a learning environment.

What is an Action Learning Center?

We always tailor our Action Learning Centers to meet your needs and expectations. This entails that we select the right exercises, methodology and competencies to always ensure maximum output for the organizations that we work with. We know that each client has different needs, and each centre is therefore organized differently, but will always have the following elements included:

  • 1:1 Executive coaching and feedback.
  • Groupwork on relevant, strategic business cases.
  • Management Roleplay.
  • Testing of competencies and personalities.
  • Theoretical lecture style learnings and group coaching.
  • Social networking and getting known.
  • Three-way feedback.
  • Creating an individual development plan for each team member.

At our Action Learning Center, we create a ‘real life setting’ for your team, where we address a specific challenge within your organization, identify challenges and work with their everyday behaviour. The team is supported and actively engaged in their developmental journey of professional and personal competencies. When we choose to activate the participant, we seek to activate the best version of themselves personally and professionally.

Throughout the training, the participants are trained in stepping out of their comfort zone, hopefully moving from a fixed into a mindset of growth in difficult situations. Here they will experience the courage to interact, and stay in difficult situations, handle their own and others’ feelings and strategic thinking, and the courage to work out of their own zone of experience. They will leave the centre with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the competencies and strengths of themselves and others.

What is the result of these efforts to activate action? Highly engaged and committed employees!

Your benefits.

The fact is that organizations only become as good as the people they employ. For the same reason, nothing should be more important than to nurture hidden potential and growth for the purpose of making your organization agile, resilient, and sustainable for the future.

The benefits of action learning are psychologically well supported. Within organizational psychology, most researchers would agree that organizational learning is a change that occurs as a function of direct experience and that this change in the organization’s knowledge is essential for an organization’s prosperity and improvement. Moreover, there is empirical evidence supporting the direct and immediate effect of action learning.

Thus, Action learning is beneficial due to its insistence on participation, engagement, and trial and error, as opposed to merely internalising predefined problem-solving strategies. It is learning from experiences and consequences resulting from one’s own actions within a growth mindset. Consequently, learning and action cannot and should not be separated – action is integral to learning and development.

The sustainable outcome of our centres can be multifaceted and depend on various factors such as the centre’s goal, target audience, program design, and the specific wishes of our clients. However, there are some common integrated outcomes, which are illustrated down below in Figure 1.






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